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  • Please visit www.rajkapur.com
  • Options Ahead, Inc. brings you a mix of skills by highly trained coaches and leaders. Many organizations want better outcomes, want to provide more, contribute more and produce more. They want to be successful, try-hard but keep on doing things that don’t work.

Our team of experts evaluates and analyzes the situation and then with the cutting edge tools including products and items from The John Maxwell team bring to you solutions that will change your organization’s path, leading it more profitability, better working relationships, stronger teams, stronger leaders and set a path of growth both for the organization and the staff including leadership.

We use the best techniques and processes to train,coach, and mentor individuals and organizations to help you achieve your goals and dreams with our proven systems. Our team is equipped with the proper skill set to work with corporations, not for profit organizations, government agencies, individuals, executives and schools.

We customize the strategy to fit your needs.


Options Ahead mission is to make sure that everyone and every organization has Options and Choices. By providing Leadership Training, Coaching, Workshops and Assessments we make sure to equip our clients with the best information and material that can catapult their success and achieve their goals


Options Ahead Vision is to help take our clients through a Journey where they are able to capitalize on their current resources and build effective teams by providing the framework and training to produce the results and serve their clientele in the most efficient and effective manner.



Asst. Director Early Childcare

In his workshop Raj has helped the group understand the concepts in a very simple way. He used life experience examples that helped me interpret the information faster. Y.S.

Donna Kunde

Leadership Coach, Trainer & Speaker

On Raj Kapur's Online Guidance to Wealth Program - Guidance to Wealth is hands down the most comprehensive wealth building (and wealth keeping) tool on the internet. It not only covers best practices for individuals, families, business owners and entrepreneurs to generate, build and protect their wealth, it also goes into great depth regarding the inner game of wealth - the mindset needed to allow money to show up and stay. There's a workbook AND spreadsheets to totally customize the program to suit all needs. I especially love the segment on raising wealth conscious children! If you're serious about wanting to create wealth in your life, business or family, you need to enroll in this course!

Dr. Nelson Kung

Author, Coach

Raj is definitely the head not the tail. He is a seasoned Executive Director, coach, speaker and trainer of the John Maxwell TEAM. He not only knew the subject well and designed this course material, he literally walked through every stage of his teaching. It is important to know who you learn from. Raj is a perfect model of what he teaches---a personification of this wonderful course to show you exactly how to reach the goal and the dreamed life you so desperately desired. No doubt, Raj is a millionaire who can make you a millionaire. I am thankful of knowing Raj, a man of integrity and audacity.